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The Thousands of Trees Project is a continuation of the 1,000 Trees for Kentish in 2022 and 2023 Project. 

Our volunteer planting days have been so popular and successful that we are now planning to plant thousands of trees in 2024 and 2025.


The 1000 Trees Project has now concluded for 2023, with a magnificent total of 2296 seedlings planted!

Huge congratulations to the 224 volunteers who did the planting. A great effort for the Mount Roland region.

Spring 2023 Plantings:

Our volunteers planted 628 seedlings at three different sites. A total of 62 volunteer tree planters participated! The sites were:

Sat 2 Sep - Claude Road, Sheffield

Sat 9 Sep - Nook Road, Sheffield

Sun 19 Sep - "Whitehawk Falls", Sheffield Road, Sheffield

More details here [view PDF].

Autumn 2023 Plantings:

Our volunteers planted a total of 1668 trees at five different sites, with an average of 25 people attending each planting.

The dates and sites were:

Sat 22 Apr - West Nook Road, Sheffield

(at a certified organic dairy)

Sat & Sun 29 - 30 Apr - Sheffield Transfer Station

Sat 6 May - Wilmot School Farm, Wilmot

Sat 13 May - Jarman's Road, Nook

Sat 20 May - Paradise Road Farm, Claude Road, Sheffield.

1000 Trees 2023 Picture Gallery

How the Thousands of Trees Project works:

We seek expressions of interest from landowners with four types of sites, particularly on farmland. 

  1. Beside streams, rivers or waterways.

  2. On steeper slopes where there is a risk of soil creep (or soil slump).

  3. Shelterbelts on farms.

  4. In areas where patches of remnant bushland can be connected by new plantings.

Ideally the site will be in a highly visible location, where it will be easily seen by the public and serve as a demonstration site that inspires other landowners to do similar things.

The project is a partnership between the landholder, MRLC and volunteer tree planters.   The landholder is responsible for site preparation, including fencing (to exclude browsing animals), weed control and ongoing maintenance once the seedlings are planted.  MRLC provides the plants, guards, mats and stakes, and if needed provides technical assistance to the landowner with advice on species selection and planting layout.   MRLC also organizes a public tree planting day, where the seedlings are planted, guarded and watered in as necessary.  Volunteer tree planters participate in the public tree planting day – typically a Saturday starting at 10am.  After a couple of hours, the planters also enjoy a lunch provided by the landholder as a thank you for their efforts.

Thousands of Trees 2024-5 Expression of Interest


2022 Plantings:

In 2022, Mount Roland Land Care planted 430 seedlings on two properties in autumn, and 635 seedlings on four properties in spring.

​Pictures from our wonderful volunteer tree planting days can be seen below.

In 2022 funding to support the 1,000 Trees Project was made available through a grant from the Cradle Coast Authority, and also funds from the Kentish Council.

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