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Grounded: a Festival of Earthy Ideas

A two day, free, mini-festival of tree plantings, talks, food, and music held Sat and Sun 29 - 30 April 2023

Gowrie Park and Sheffield

Programme Highlights:

Sat and Sun mornings: Tree Plantings at Sheffield

Sheffield Transfer Station, East Victoria Street.

9:30 - 11:30 am

We planted about 400 lovely native seedlings to beautify this area and to create habitat for native species.


Saturday afternoon:

At Wilder Tasmania (the Old Black Stump), Gowrie Park

12:30 - 6 pm

We began with the Locals' expo: a tiny taste of some local passions and skills.
Jennifer Stackhouse and Peter Mayle: bees and honey.

Laura Wildsmith: local currawongs

Unlocking the Secret World of Bats, presented by Dr Lisa Cawthen

Wild Tasmanian Foods, presented by Rees Campbell

Locals' expo:

Cindy Thompson: eco dying

Geoff Page: building with rammed-earth walls

Live music by Amber Rae Slade and Isabel Rumble 

Sunday afternoon:

At Wilder Tasmania (the Old Black Stump), Gowrie Park

12:30 - 4:30 pm

The Exquisite Life of Slime Moulds and How to Find Them, presented by Sarah Lloyd

The Entanglement of Soil Ecology, presented by Theresa Chapman

Live music by the Pete Cornelius Trio 

Full programme here [view PDF].

The festival of earthy ideas received grant funding from the Australian Government in partnership with the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal and is supported as well by the Kentish Council.

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