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Earth-wall Construction

Compressed block wall
Rammed earth walls under construction
Compressed earth block wall under construction
Hand made rammed earth wall
Hand made door and rammed earth wall
Compressed earth block wall

Earth-wall construction techniques are eminently suitable for building safe, strong, beautiful, healthy, fire-resistant, well insulated, environmentally friendly homes that blend with their surroundings and other natural materials.

Traditionally developed in arid regions of the world, earth-wall buildings can be constructed almost anywhere with sound design and construction methods, careful selection of earth, together with proper protection of walls from water erosion.


In this age of housing shortages, spiraling costs and destruction of habitat and biodiversity, earth as a building material offers a cheaper option, often with zero transport costs and less environmental impact than manufactured materials. Building with earth can allow even more savings by providing the opportunity for owner-builders to use much of their own labor.

Note that various tests might need to be carried out on brick or wall samples, but with careful attention to design and construction, earth walls should have no trouble meeting or exceeding the required strength to satisfy building codes and receive building authority approval, except for city or urban areas specifically designated as kiln-fired brick only.  


MRLC Member Contact: Geoff Page.

Geoff has extensive owner-builder experience, including various earth-wall construction techniques. Geoff is willing to share his knowledge by offering a free consultation service. A donation to MRLC would be welcome in return.


If you are interested in taking advantage of this service, please submit a contact us form with your contact details and indicating your earth-wall construction interest, and Geoff will get back to you for further discussion.

This photo gallery, above, is a small sample of various techniques we've seen or used. Double click on images for gallery display.  


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