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Mount Roland Land Care wants to make a big, positive difference to the environment of this beautiful area. As well as capable and energetic volunteers, we also need dollars! Currently we receive some funding from a partnership agreement with the Kentish Council. We also devote considerable resources to grant applications, and many of these are successful. In order to grow, however, the group recognises the need for a more diversified income stream. We need a variety of income sources so that we can fund the projects that we have identified as being the most important for this region. Grant funding, while very welcome, restricts us to particular activities.


We are considering an application for inclusion on the Deductible Gift Register (DGR). We will also be developing donation packages for specific purposes, such as tree-planting and the giant freshwater crayfish.

We would love to hear from people who have expertise in fundraising! Please get in touch if you feel able to assist with this essential project.

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