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Thousands of Trees 2024-5 Expression of Interest

Improve Your Land by Planting Trees

Express your interest here, if you have land suitable for our native vegetation program


If the land is appropriate and funding is available, MRLC can assist by:

  • guiding the process of site selection and preparation,

  • providing a range of plants (in the 10s or 100s), plus guards, stakes and weed mats,

  • facilitating a public tree-planting day (by volunteers),

  • providing guidance for ongoing maintenance.


Our priorities this year will include planting to arrest erosion or soil slump, planting to improve waterway health, shelterbelts and planting to connect patches of remnant native bushland.


To be considered for this assistance, please fill out and submit the form below. Note that the selection of sites is at the discretion of MRLC, based on a site visit and the land-care benefits as assessed by our team.

If you're unsure about whether trees are right for your land, get in touch anyway and we can have a chat.


Thanks for making contact. We'll get back to you soon.

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