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Foxglove Hotline

Your report to the Mount Roland Land Care Foxglove Hotline will assist in the management of foxglove weeds in Kentish Municipality.    Reported sites of the highest priority will be controlled as far as possible to prevent the foxglove plants going to seed.   All sites will be recorded on a map showing foxglove locations in the Kentish Municipality.   This map will inform future management priorities and provide evidence to support a future application for grant funds.


The highest priority foxglove sites are likely to be those which are small and just starting out – places where a few plants have established, but not yet set seed.  If we can prevent these plants dropping their seed, we may well have avoided major new outbreaks and years and years of work.  A single foxglove plant can produce hundreds of thousands of fine seed that is viable for many years.


BEWARE:  All parts of the foxglove plant are toxic to most animals including humans, children, pets, farm animals. This is a very nasty plant – take all reasonable precautions to avoid any sort of contact.  


To report your Foxglove location please complete the following form then click Submit

Thanks for making contact. We'll get back to you soon.

Foxglove weed
Foxglove seedlings
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