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An exciting new project to deepen our understanding of the myriad life forms on Mount Roland

The majestic Mount Roland continually awes many of us who are lucky enough to live in its vicinity. However, our current understanding of the variety of non-human life on the mountain (plants, animals, ecosystems) is limited.  This project is envisaged as a first step in broadening and deepening that understanding.

In 2023, we began a program for watching, listening and responding to the life on Mount Roland. The program was initiated by Kristen Lang, poet and former President of the group. Kristen lives on the mountain in the lower foothills.

To get a taste of what our project is about, view Kristen's Life on the Mountain in Montage. Our remote video cameras have also captured lots of fascinating footage. Scroll to the bottom of the page to view our multi-species and single-species compilation footage. At this very early stage we have already discovered species which were not previously known to be on the mountain!

For the program to succeed we need your involvement!  You are invited to share your own observations and responses! Details of how to do this are provided below.

Dawn mountain D PA194057.JPG

How You Can Contribute

We would love your involvement! If you’re out walking the mountain, you can contribute immediately, just by noticing, noting, and sharing what you see and hear. The project is not just about gathering data but also YOUR responses to the life you encounter.


We welcome:

  • detailed observations (what you observed, where, and when)

  • creative responses

  • innovative ideas for observing and responding to life on the mountain (both the species and the communities they belong to).

Your contribution might be in the form of a piece of writing, a poem, photographs, video, audio, art work ... all are welcome! Please email your contributions (and any questions) to

Picture Gallery One. Jul 2023-Feb 2024.
All pictures by Kristen Lang.

Kristen Lang writes:

To care for the life around us, we need first to be able to keep it in mind – what lives here besides ourselves, is it doing ok, and how can we ensure the places we live in thrive? With Life on the Mountain, we’re adding to what is known and to the understanding we need to be able to care for where we are. What we’ve found (so far) has been extraordinarily rich, occasionally surprising, and sometimes unsettling. The program has been put in place to enable not just a glimpse of how things are now, but a capacity, as well, to monitor and respond to change. How will life adapt to the shifts in climate? What and where are the threats and risks posed by weeds, ferals and humans? Can we implement responses that will make a difference?

Our findings to Apr 2024:

* Note that these will be updated as new data comes to hand, so please be sure to check this page on a regular basis!

Video Compilation One. Swamp rat_Long tailed mouse_Dusky antechinus Pygmy possum_White footed dunnart_Wombat.

Video Compilation Two. Echidna_Blue tongue_Swamp antechinus_Bassian thrush_Spotted tail quoll.

Video Compilation Three. Black currawongs_Scrub wrens_Long-tailed mouse_Cat_Snake_Brush-tail possums.

We also have compilation videos of single species, such as echidnas, pygmy possums, wombats, bassian thrush ... and many more!  

Mount Roland Land Care thanks for financial support to make Life on the Mountain possible.

We also acknowledge the support of Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service. We encourage walkers on the mountain to follow TPWS's Leave No Trace guidelines.

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